570… in… 220 locations ‘BLM Riots… Most Costly… Ever’ with over 2,000 police officers injured – ’35 police officers… were murdered by the Black Panthers – Biden says, “MAGA crowd… most extreme political organization that has existed in American history.”

Meet the Police Officers Murdered by the Black Panthers

Renee Nal January 2, 2021

Below are the names and photos of 35 police officers who were murdered by the Black Panthers and the subsequent Black Liberation Army in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The Black Liberation Army was an organization that grew out of the Black Panther Party, composed of former Black Panther Party members, operating from about 1971-1980. Another two police officers on the list were murdered by the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group with ties to the Black Liberation Army.


More Than 2,000 Officers Injured in Summer’s … – POLICE Mag

Study Shows Hundreds of BLM ‘Protests’ Turned Violent

report reveals nearly 570 violent demonstrations–riots–in nearly 220 locations spread all across country. http://ow.ly/wY4u50BiSDg

The Democrat National Committee, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris have fully embraced the movement.

Nolte: BLM Riots Are Most Costly Manmade Damage to U.S Property Ever

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