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Two Suspects Described As ‘2’ And ‘Men’ In Custody In South Street Philly Shooting While Radical Far-Left Democrat DA Blames NRA Although Provided No Evidence That The ‘2’ Or ‘Men’ Were NRA Members

2 charged in connection with Philadelphia shooting that killed 3 and wounded 11 others

South Street Mass Shooting: 2 Men In Custody In Connection To Shooting That Left 3 Dead, 11 Injured

Far-left Philly DA blames NRA for shooting. But mayor says there is ‘no price to pay for carrying illegal guns – TheBlaze

Democratic Mayors Refuse To Take Action As Violent Crime Surges In Pennsylvania’s Largest Cities

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You Can’t Make This Up: Biden Takes Action As Gas Prices Hit All-Time High Enacts ‘Defense Production Act to produce more solar panels’ Waives ‘solar panel tariffs’ Although The First ‘black, gay, immigrant’ WH press secretary ‘Can’t Explain Why’

Promises Made Promises Kept: Gas Prices Hit All-Time High Congrats To Biden And His Voters

Joe Biden Declares That He Will “End Fossil Fuels”

Jun 28, 2020 – Biden has been extremely blatant about his views on fossil fuels. At a 2019 New Hampshire campaign rally, Biden professed that fossil fuels would be phased out after an energy-related question was asked by a young woman. Biden said, “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you.

June 1, 2022 – For First Time in History, Gas Prices Above $4 in All 50 States

June 6, 2022 – Gas Prices Hit All-Time Record As 10 States Reach $5 Per Gallon

As Gas Prices Soar to Record New Highs on a Daily Basis Joe Biden Enacts Defense Production Act to Produce More Solar Panels

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Black Lives Matter Activist Tom Wolf ‘tests positive for COVID-19 again’

A Johns Hopkins study says ‘ill-founded’ COVID lockdowns did more harm than good

Feb 2, 2022 The researchers say lockdowns had no noticeable effect on reducing COVID-related deaths and a “devastating effect” on economies and social ills.

PA Gov. Wolf Marches with Protesters After Slamming Business Owners as Cowardly, Selfish for Reopening

Coronavirus: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf tests positive for COVID-19 again

Gov. Wolf Continues to Urge Pennsylvanians to Get … – governor.pa.go

Aug 6, 2021 Gov. Tom Wolf thanked Pennsylvanians for doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and urged individuals ages 12 and older to get vaccinated. … if you haven’t had time to get vaccinated, make time. Vaccines are effective, safe, free and available.” … On January 20, 2015, Tom Wolf was sworn in as Pennsylvania’s 47th governor …

Joe Biden: ‘…so many black Americans wake up knowing they could lose their life in the course of just living their life. Simply jogging, shopping, sleeping at home…’ Or Being Lynched?

March 29, 2022 –Biden Signs Law Making Lynching a Federal Hate Crime

Biden states that black Americans “wake up” knowing they could die

May 26, 2022 On Wednesday, May 25th, President Joe Biden alleged without any evidence that black Americans “wake up knowing they could lose their life in the course of just living their life.” Biden Says ‘Black Americans Wake Up Knowing’ They’ll Die While ‘Jogging, Sleeping At Home’

Kentucky Senate candidate wears noose in ad to highlight history of lynching

1 June, 2022 – Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) opponent in the 2022 election released a campaign advertisement in which he sports a noose around his neck while he discusses lynching. Former Kentucky state Rep. Charles …

In June of 2020 NASCAR’s only black full-time driver on its top circuit was nearly lynched at a NOOSECAR event in Talladega, AL.

Tucker: 15 FBI agents investigated Bubba Wallace NASCAR ‘noose hoax’ as nation burns

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