You Can’t Make This Up: Biden Takes Action As Gas Prices Hit All-Time High Enacts ‘Defense Production Act to produce more solar panels’ Waives ‘solar panel tariffs’ Although The First ‘black, gay, immigrant’ WH press secretary ‘Can’t Explain Why’

Promises Made Promises Kept: Gas Prices Hit All-Time High Congrats To Biden And His Voters

Joe Biden Declares That He Will “End Fossil Fuels”

Jun 28, 2020 – Biden has been extremely blatant about his views on fossil fuels. At a 2019 New Hampshire campaign rally, Biden professed that fossil fuels would be phased out after an energy-related question was asked by a young woman. Biden said, “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you.

June 1, 2022 – For First Time in History, Gas Prices Above $4 in All 50 States

June 6, 2022 – Gas Prices Hit All-Time Record As 10 States Reach $5 Per Gallon

As Gas Prices Soar to Record New Highs on a Daily Basis Joe Biden Enacts Defense Production Act to Produce More Solar Panels

6 June, 2022 – This was two cents over the previous all-time record high from the day before! The price of gas has gone up 25¢ a gallon in the last week. Advertisement – story continues below … In response to this historic surge in energy costs Joe Biden enacted the Defense Production Act to produce more solar panels. Solar panels provide less than 3% of …

Joe Biden waives solar panel tariffs in bid to boost production

Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Explain Why Biden Invoked the Defense Production Act for Solar Panel Manufacturing

Jean-Pierre highlights her background as a ‘black, gay, immigrant’ woman in first briefing as press secretary

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