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A Remarkable Contrast

A 2019 study conducted by gun violence expert John Lott Jr. shows there wasn’t one school where a teacher was armed that had a non-suicidal gun violence incident during school hours.

Biden doesn’t believe in hardening schools, White House says

Democrats Introduce Bill To Get Police Out Of Schools – Forbes

PHOTOS: Feds Build Walls in D.C. for Anti-Border Wall Biden, Harris

Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990

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Way Way Back In 2020 Chuck Schumer Explained To The World What Would Happen To Supreme Court Justices Who Made Decisions His Team Doesn’t Like In 2022 Although A Violation of Federal Law Biden Encouraged Protesting At Justices’ Homes

This guy who wants to disarm law-abiding Americans, but has armed protection as one of the highest federal office holders in the country, blithely threatens people with a smile inciting his Democrat left-wing radical extremists to take action. And they did: Elise Stefanik on threat to Brett Kavanaugh: White House, Schumer ‘fanned these flames’

Biden encourages people to violate the law by protesting at justices’ homes

Schumer Threatens Kavanaugh, Gorsuch: ‘You Will Pay The Price’

Democrat Chuck Schumer Without Any Evidence Says, “Donald Trump Incited an Erection”

‘For Gods Sake’ And Biden Has Opened Our Borders: 5 Time Deported Illegal Alien Who Shot Kate Steinle ‘in her back killing her on July 4, 2015’ To Be Released – Steinle’s Last Words Were ‘Help me Dad’

Mentally ill illegal immigrant who was acquitted of 2015 murder of Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier after being deported five times is sentenced to time served on weapons charges

Biden is creating the worst illegal immigrant crisis ever

‘For God’s sake’: Biden pleads for ban on assault weapons

‘For God’s sake’: Biden pleads with Americans to get vaccinated …

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power”, Biden on Putin

Joe Biden Angry at Republicans: ‘For God’s Sake Wear a Mask’

Biden: Wearing a Mask Is a ‘Patriotic Responsibility for God’s Sake’

Fact Check: Yes, Thousands of Americans Have Been Killed by Illegals

Report: Illegal immigration leads to 2,200 deaths, 118,000 rapes …

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial – OJJPAC.org

Largest Ever Migrant Caravan Heads North To The Former U.S. Southern Border

When The U.S. Can No Longer Provide For It’s Own Babies, Biden’s Solution Is To Leave In Millions Of Babies And Pregnant Women From Foreign Countries

Hungry Babies Are The Latest Victims Of Biden’s Economic Crisis

Illegal migrants first to get ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula

Biden to free pregnant women who crossed border illegally

Up to 15,000 may join largest ever migrant caravan to walk through Mexico to US

Thousands of people huddled together for protection move north as leaders gather for Biden’s Summit of the Americas in LA

Even more illegal migrants expected in 2022, record 2.1 million

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Biden’s ICE ‘quietly issued a directive telling agents to “generally not” deport noncitizens with U.S. military service.’ and ‘the immediate family members’

Watch — Biden: DACA Illegals ‘Are More American than Most Americans’

The directive comes as a massive caravan of migrants — that’s expected to grow to about 15,000 people — is making its way north to the U.S.-Mexico border.

ICE agents told not to deport US military troops, veterans and their families

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