A Remarkable Contrast

A 2019 study conducted by gun violence expert John Lott Jr. shows there wasn’t one school where a teacher was armed that had a non-suicidal gun violence incident during school hours.

Biden doesn’t believe in hardening schools, White House says

Democrats Introduce Bill To Get Police Out Of Schools – Forbes

PHOTOS: Feds Build Walls in D.C. for Anti-Border Wall Biden, Harris

Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990

The Gun-Free School Zones Act is an act of the U.S. Congress prohibiting any unauthorized individual from knowingly possessing a loaded or unsecured firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 921.Wikipedia

Congress Approves $2.1 Billion Capitol Security Bill : NPR

Report: US Capitol Police are a ‘spending force’

WASHINGTON—The United States Capitol Police may be the biggest, fastest growing and most far-reaching law enforcement agency the public knows almost nothing about.

The size of the force has almost doubled in the past 25 years, to nearly 2,300, bigger than the municipal police departments in Atlanta, St. Louis, New Orleans or Denver. The budget has grown far, far faster — ballooning almost six times over since the early 1990s. Even adjusted for inflation, it’s nearly quadrupled.

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