Way Way Back In 2020 Chuck Schumer Explained To The World What Would Happen To Supreme Court Justices Who Made Decisions His Team Doesn’t Like In 2022 Although A Violation of Federal Law Biden Encouraged Protesting At Justices’ Homes

This guy who wants to disarm law-abiding Americans, but has armed protection as one of the highest federal office holders in the country, blithely threatens people with a smile inciting his Democrat left-wing radical extremists to take action. And they did: Elise Stefanik on threat to Brett Kavanaugh: White House, Schumer ‘fanned these flames’

Biden encourages people to violate the law by protesting at justices’ homes

Schumer Threatens Kavanaugh, Gorsuch: ‘You Will Pay The Price’

Democrat Chuck Schumer Without Any Evidence Says, “Donald Trump Incited an Erection”

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