Pennsylvania State Lawmakers Move To Impeach Democrat Soros-Funded Far-Left Radical Pro-Criminal Anti-Cop Philly DA

If you vote for a Democrat Soros-funded far-left radical pro-criminal anti-cop politician, you’re not a victim you’re an accomplice.

Pennsylvania lawmakers move to impeach liberal Philly DA Krasner: ‘He’s completely lost his mind’

Pennsylvania state lawmakers are moving to impeach Philadelphia’s far-left District Attorney Larry Krasner as the crime surge continues to plague city streets. Republican State Representatives Tim …

He Sued Police 75 Times. Democrats Want Him as Philadelphia’s Top Prosecutor – The New York Times

Larry Krasner.. campaigning against mass incarceration.

Philadelphia’s progressive DA has declared war — on cops, law and order

Philadelphia will end 2021 with all-time record number of homicides

Philadelphia crime update: Police say carjackings almost tripled since 2019

Philly gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions have fallen under District Attorney Larry Krasner

The Disastrous Consequences of DA Larry Krasner’s “Reforms”

Philly DA race: Larry Krasner and George Soros spent $33 per vote

Larry Krasner Gets Most of His Campaign Money Outside Philly

Meet Larry Krasner, the Rogue Prosecutor Wreaking Havoc in Philadelphia

In Philly courtroom where DA Krasner won’t try cases, he called to witness stand

Philadelphia teens, boy, 12, charged with murder in carjacking

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