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The BLM activist and PA Gov. who lead protests against the police in 2020 and proclaimed in 2021, ‘Sadly, the continued death of African Americans at the hands of police… are painful reminders that racism and intolerance are still with us today.’ tweeted a handy flowchart in 2022 explaining the procedure he would use, after ‘Jane’ reports you to the police, to send those ‘racist and intolerant’ police to remove all your firearms if he could have his ‘Red Flag’ law.

Meanwhile if you actually commit a crime with an illegal gun, such as shooting someone dead: You are more likely to win a coin toss than be caught for murder in Philadelphia… – Inquirer and: In Philly, someone has been shot every day since Jan. 2 as multiple crises plague city… – Inquirer and: Carjackings increased 80% in Philadelphia in 2021 and: Philadelphia gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions have fallen under District Attorney Larry Krasner

PA Gov. Tom Wolf Marches with Protesters After Slamming Business Owners as Cowardly, Selfish for Reopening

Tom Wolf, Pa. governor, bans alcohol sales on Thanksgiving Eve, ‘the biggest day for drinking’…

Red flag laws allow us to take action when someone who has a gun begins to act erratically.

Red flag laws still require due process, and any removal of weapons is temporary.

Graphic on how red flag laws work to prevent mass shootings

Originally tweeted by Governor Tom Wolf (@GovernorTomWolf) on 1, June 16, 2022.

Police shred PA Democrat governor after he repeats myth of systemic racism by cops in Juneteenth proclamation

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Ashley Biden ‘recalled ‘showers w/ my dad [Joe from Scranton] (probably not appropriate)’

Q: At what age should a Dad stop having showers with his daughter?

A: It is not appropriate to have showers with your daughter at any age.

The diary’s explosive contents include Ashley’s speculation that showering with her father, then-Senator Joe Biden, as a young girl may have contributed to her sex addiction. 

‘I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate),’ she wrote in a January 2019 entry


EXCLUSIVE: Florida woman who found Ashley Biden’s diary in ‘halfway house’ is under FBI investigation for SELLING the journal in which president’s daughter recalled ‘showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)’ and details of her drug and sex addiction

By Jose Lambiet Josh Boswell For Dailymail.com – June 16th 2022, 2:11:56 pm

A Florida woman who found Ashley Biden’s diary is under FBI investigation for selling it – but not for stealing it – a source close to the case told DailyMail.com.

Like A Trip Down Memory Lane: Biden’s HHS Admiral And Former Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health Takes Part in ‘faux press briefing on baby formula crisis’

Karine Jean-Pierre holds private briefing with mothers and influencers on baby formula crisis and COVID vaccines without taking questions from press after heated briefing

‘I’m not answering any questions. Thank you. Nice to meet you, though,’ Levine told journalists as she left the room, after posing for photos with several of the babies parents had brought along. 

Levine was asked twice about when President Joe Biden was made aware of the baby formula crisis and who briefed the president on it. 

‘Any US government official who stands at that podium should be ready to take any question from any member of our press corps – particularly one that gets at accountability on an issue of importance to the whole country,’ White House Correspondents’ Association President Steven Portnoy told DailyMail.com when asked about the incident.

Pennsylvania’s Daily Phony Fake News Briefings

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Dr. Rachel Levine reads a prepared statement after being asked a prescreened question during the daily fake press conference where no press is allowed to attend and questions must be pre-submitted. Pennsylvania’s power couple ought to be very grateful that … Continue reading →

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