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‘Reporting in the middle of the Rio Grande River as hundreds of migrants cross the river illegally into Eagle Pass, Texas’

Biden jokes he may not return from Spain as approval ratings dip

“West Hollywood’s Democratic mayor slams decision to defund its sheriff’s department and bring in 30 unarmed ‘security ambassadors’ saying ‘residents are furious’ as they fight one of HIGHEST crime rates”

REVEALED: Woke West Hollywood leader who is behind defunding of cops because she wanted ‘more bang for our buck’ blew $85,000 of taxpayers’ money updating LGBT crosswalk to make it more trans and BIPOC friendly

  • West Hollywood City councilmember Sepi Shyne led a 3-2 vote on Monday night to cut funding from the local sheriffs’ department
  • They will reduce the current size of the sheriffs department from approximately 60 deputies to 56, and the funds saved will be redistributed
  • With the money from reducing the headcount by four, the council plans to pay for 30 unarmed ‘security ambassadors’ to patrol the area
  • Shyne said it’s city’s best ‘bang for the buck,’ yet she also voted for the city to spend $85,000 updating it iconic LGBTQ crosswalk to be more inclusive 
  • The city will also spend $50,000 on its troubled Russian Culture festival, which will forgo celebrating the country after its brutal invasion of Ukraine  
  • Meister and a councilman who voted against the measure said that residents and business owners were worried about soaring crime rates in the city 
  • Crime in West Hollywood has this risen by 137 percent from last year

By Ronny Reyes and Harriet Alexander For Dailymail.com

Published: 11:57 EDT, 29 June 2022 | Updated: 17:57 EDT, 29 June 2022

Growing majority in US say nation is on wrong track, including 78% of Democrats

AP-NORC poll: Growing majority in US say nation is on wrong track, including 78% of Democrats, as economy plagues Biden

Public Lies: “The record is now replete with references to President Biden and contradictions of his public denials,” George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley.

What’s the holdup? Legal experts blast lack of progress in Hunter Biden probe

Joe Biden claims he and son Hunter Biden never talked foreign business

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I think you’re clear’: VOICEMAIL from Joe Biden to Hunter about NY Times report on his Chinese business dealings proves he DID speak to his son about his relationship with criminal dubbed the ‘spy chief of China’

‘Huge integrity test’: Calls for action as Biden voicemail reveals he knew of Hunter China deals

Rep. Jody Hice (R-Georgia) tweeted “SMOKING GUN!” after the Daily Mail posted the voicemail message online Monday…