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Two Philly Cops Shot During July 4th Fireworks Show

2 police officers shot during July 4th fireworks show in Philadelphia

Philadelphia shooting: Democrat mayor rips Second Amendment, says only the police should have guns

Philly mayor dances after sanctuary city ruling, despite past crimes in city tied to illegal immigrants

Philadelphia train rape case is another illegal immigration failure

October 21, 2021 – To hear that there was a horrific crime last week in Philadelphia, unfortunately, is not shocking. A Philadelphia woman was raped on a train, according to police. And while all rapes are horrific, this crime was noteworthy for two very sad and specific reasons, both of which show that it could have been prevented. First, police reported that the woman was raped on a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority train in front of multiple passengers, and no one bothered to intervene or call the police. As if that was not horrifying enough, the suspect, Fiston Ngoy, is an illegal immigrant who was supposed to have been deported in 2015. 

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Watch: Drag Racers Attack Chicago Police with Fireworks

Jun 27, 2022 – Chicago Police Officers No Longer Allowed to Pursue All Criminal Suspects

Police officers in Chicago, one of the most violent cities in the country, are now restricted from chasing certain criminal suspects on foot in light of a new policy at the Chicago Police Department.

Watch: Drag Racers Attack Chicago Police with Fireworks

CHICAGO, Ill. — Some drag racers in the Windy City rang in Independence Day by doing donuts at an intersection in the Loop and attacking responding Chicago police officers with fireworks. 

The incident began shortly after 3:00 A.M. Central Time, with dozens of cars jamming an intersection while a few took turns doing donuts. When police rolled up in squad SUVs, those not driving began to shoot fireworks at the police vehicles. Despite the police beginning to back up, the crowd ran up to one vehicle and physically hit and kicked the front.

Actions like this were unthinkable just a few years ago…there is no plan or end in sight for the madness.