After his arrest at JFK Airport on bribery charges, ‘the first call Chinese exec Patrick Ho made from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan was to [Joe Biden’s] brother Jim, Hunter’s uncle.’

Hunter and Joe Biden’s links go deeper by the day: Devine

Evidence keeps piling up that Joe Biden lied about his family’s foreign influence-peddling scheme that reaped tens of millions of dollars for his son and brother and potentially put at risk America’s national security. 

The president repeatedly has said that he knew “nothing” about his son Hunter’s foreign deals, and yet when he was vice president, he met with Hunter’s foreign business associates, from China, Ukraine, Russia and Mexico, and even chimed in on speakerphone when Hunter was with prospects. 


Book: Bidens Reaped $31M in Chinese Communist Business Dealings –

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, partnered with multiple financiers with direct ties to the Chinese spy network, according to Peter Schweizer’s “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” published by Harper-Collins

Secret Service Unable to Locate Multiple Years of Hunter Biden Travel ..

Report: Secret Service Tried to Hide Hunter Biden Gun Purchase

Secret Service rents $30K Malibu pad to protect Hunter Biden

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