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R.I.P. Robert J. Gillespie, Jr. ‘Bob was proud to represent the Pennsylvania State Police F.O.P. O’Rourke Memorial Lodge No. 38 for more than 40 years…’


Robert J. Gillespie, Jr., devoted husband, father, grandfather, and brother died peacefully at his home on July 12. His beloved wife of forty-nine years, Sara (Sally) Loftus Gillespie, was by his side.

Bob was well-known throughout Northeast Pennsylvania for his great integrity, tremendous compassion, quick humor, and unmatched intelligence. A lifelong resident of the Hazleton area, Bob graduated from St. Gabriel’s High School, traveling out of town to attend the College of the Holy Cross and Dickinson Law School and to serve in the Army Reserves. After graduating, Bob knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and practice law in Luzerne County.

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Meanwhile At The Former U.S. Southern Border: ‘Hundreds upon hundreds.’ Wade Across The Rio Grande River Entering The United States of America

Only In America: ‘Biden punishes (innocent) border-patrol agents — but does nothing about illegal migrants’

Border crossings to break all-time record this year, with 2.1 million …

Man charged with raping 10-year-old Ohio girl is illegal immigrant

Joe Biden Berates Mounted Border Patrol Agents: ‘Those People Will Pay’

Punishment of Border Patrol agents is about protecting a president, not migrants

Biden punishes (innocent) border-patrol agents — but does nothing about illegal migrants

By Cal Thomas July 11, 2022

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With Biden’s Approval Ratings ‘now the worst of any elected president at this point in his presidency’ He Reaches Out To Radical ‘Far-left congresswoman and Squad member Rashida Tlaib’ ‘will announce $316 million in US aid for the Palestinians’

“We’re going to go in and impeach the motherfucker” Radical far-left Democrat Rashida Tlaib on U.S. President Donald Trump In 2017, hours after being sworn in.

Rashida Tlaib: People ‘Policing My Words’ for Saying ‘F*ck White Supremacy’

Mar 19, 2021 – Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is accusing people of “policing” her words after making waves with a three-letter social post reading, “Fuck white supremacy.”. “Fuck white supremacy,” the 44-year-old congresswoman wrote in a post to her 1.4 million Twitter followers Thursday: Fuck white supremacy. “People are policing my words while …

Upon learning of her congressional victory, for which she was prepared as she ran unopposed in the general election, Tlaib covered her body in a Palestinian flag.

A Congresswoman Who Puts Palestinians First And Americans Second

Jan 2, 2019 – Tlaib is the first Palestinian-Muslim to be elected to U.S. Congress. Tlaib is proud to be a Palestinian; more proud of her Palestinian heritage than of American culture. Upon learning of her …

Far-left congresswoman and Squad member Rashida Tlaib introduced…

Biden pledges $100 mln for Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem

Biden Plans $316 Million in Palestinian Aid, Reviving US Ties

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