What You Are Supposed To Care About: Apparently other countries still enforce their laws ‘without any consideration of class, color, creed or condition’ and it just ain’t fair.

https://www.si.com › wnba › 2022 › 09 › 15 › biden-meet-brittney-griner-family-white-house

Biden to Meet Brittney Griner’s Family Amid U.S.-Russia Talks

Griner will protest during the national anthem all season

Brittney Griner is determined to continue protesting police brutality and systemic racism during every game.

WNBA Star and Anthem Protester Brittney Griner Makes Patriotic Appeal to Biden for Release

Biden administration will work to bring Brittney Griner home after …

Kennedy: ‘It Is Not Racist to Enforce the Law — The Law Knows No Color’

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