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Biden’s popularity takes a hit in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties

All-time Joe: Biden polls lower than any modern president, Gallup finds

Biden’s favorability in Lackawanna County, which includes Scranton, slid from 60% in July 2020 to 47% as of late June amid the worst inflation since 1981.

Biden’s standing in Scranton looks even worse when looking at the “swing” of his favorability, or the cumulative change, which went from a net 22% favorability last year to a -5% deficit, or a swing of 27%.

Skid from Scranton: Joe Biden’s popularity takes a hit in his hometown

By Steven Nelson July 26, 2022

President Biden’s popularity is slipping even in his childhood hometown of Scranton, according to new polling data shared with The Post — suggesting he may have a difficult time in swing-state Pennsylvania if he seeks re-election.

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‘Health care workers win $10M settlement over hospitals’ COVID vaccine mandate: ‘This is a big wakeup call”

Health care workers win $10M settlement over hospitals’ COVID vaccine mandate: ‘This is a big wakeup call’

Fox News|2 days ago

Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver explained that North Shore University Health System implemented a “jab or job” policy and denied employees’ religious exemptions.

Wearing A White “I Love NY” T-shirt” Illegal Alien Who Traveled 2,500+ Miles From Venezuela Then Was Bused To The Illegal Alien Sanctuary City of New York From Texas Complains: ‘I’m not receiving any kind of support for my soon-to-be-born child.’

The Cost of Illegal Immigration to US Taxpayers | FAIR

Even though the costs of illegal immigration borne by taxpayers at the federal level are staggering… States and localities… bear the main burden for costs associated with public education, city and county infrastructure, and local courts and jails.

Biden On His Border Crisis: ‘I Guess I Should Go Down,’ But ‘I Haven’t Had A Whole Hell Lot Of Time’

Joe Biden has now spent 150 days in Delaware since becoming president

Pregnant & alone Migrant says she’s receiving little support after ‘traumatic’ trek from Venezuela to NYC

“Beyond the physical space, I’m not receiving any kind of support for my soon-to-be-born child. I’m still searching for ways to support my child — things like diapers [and] food.”

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Diversity AKA ‘government-sponsored racism’: Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Sign CBA That States Irrespective of Seniority White Teachers To Be Laid Off Before ‘teachers of color’ Executive Board Member Edward Barlow Says This ‘can be a national model… schools in other states are looking to emulate what we did.’

“Minneapolis teachers and taxpayers who oppose government-sponsored racism like this should stand up against it.”

The agreement said that “past discrimination” had made the district’s teaching staff “underrepresented” to the community “and resulted in a lack of diversity of teachers,” according to the article.

The contract was one of the first of its kind in the nation, and a “huge move forward for the retention of teachers of color,” union leaders told the Star Tribune.

“It can be a national model, and schools in other states are looking to emulate what we did,” said Edward Barlow, a member of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers executive board.

White teachers would be laid off first under Minnesota teachers contract

By Jesse O’Neill August 16, 2022

Minneapolis public school teachers of color will have additional job protections this upcoming school year under a new contract that would allow them to keep their jobs rather than white instructors with more seniority.

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