‘New Poll: Most Americans Believe the FBI Is Now ‘Biden’s Gestapo”

‘Biden’s Gestapo’? Trump Raid Hurts Voter Trust in FBI

New Poll: Most Americans Believe the FBI Is Now ‘Biden’s Gestapo’

Rep. Jim Jordan: Comey Said 245 Times “Don’t Remember, Don’t Recall

Supercut: James Comey Doesn’t Recall Anything About Anything

Comey’s wife tells how she was ‘devastated’ at Trump’s Victory

A lot of my friends worked for her. And I was devastated when she lost,’ she added.

The Comey children were also ready for Hillary.

Texts reveal ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok told lover ‘we’ll stop’ Trump

Peter Strzok Grilled on How He “Can SMELL” Trump Supporters at a …

FBI lawyer who doctored Carter Page email gets probation – New York

‘Highly Credible’ FBI Whistleblowers Describe Concerted Effort To Scuttle Negative Hunter Biden Stories…

Tucker Carlson: There’s a reason the public’s confidence in the FBI has plummeted

Fox News host Tucker Carlson provides insight on Attorney General Merrick Garland’s defense of the agency in the Trump raid and the FBI’s alleged role in the Whitmer kidnapping plot.

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