‘Apparently, nothing says you’re against fascism as much as labeling your opponents enemies of the state with Marines on either side of you.’

…two young Marines stood at attention as their president accused millions of their fellow citizens of being enemies of the constitutional Republic. They deserved better.

No way Biden should’ve used Marines as props for his hyper-political speech

By Jonathan Turley September 2, 2022

The use of the Marines and the Marine Band raised concerns given the address’s clearly political purpose. Indeed, the networks didn’t see it as an address to the nation and refused to give the White House primetime slots.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured the media that “it’s not a political speech,” but it was unabashedly political in its attacks on “MAGA Republicans” and President Donald Trump. Even CNN flagged concern over the use of the Marines, and CNN chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins stated the obvious that “it was a very political speech,” a “full-frontal attack” on his political foes.

However, it was the use of the Marine guards that most stood out — framing the president as he declared Trump supporters a threat to democracy, denounced “MAGA Republicans” 13 times and repeated references to his past and possible future political opponent, Trump.

Yet what is interesting is the relative silence of most in the media on the use of these Marines as virtual nutcracker props for a political speech. The media overwhelmingly condemned Trump for his picture in front of St. John’s Church after the clearing of Lafayette Park in 2020.


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