Mean Angry Joe Yells ‘We Beat Pharma This Year’ As Drug Companies Amassed Record Profits From Biden Forcing COVID Jab of Job on Americans

Biden won’t order illegal immigrants to get COVID vaccine

Dec 5, 2020 – President-elect Joe Biden says Americans won’t be forced to take a coronavirus vaccine when one becomes available in the US.

Biden flip-flops after reversing his vow NOT to mandate vaccines

Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans

Biden says police officers, first responders should be fired for refusing jab

Biden Administration Opposes Honorable Discharges for Troops Refusing COVID Vaccine

Biden labels MAGA Republicans ‘Trumpies’ in Wisconsin Labor Day speech… ‘We beat pharma this year

Meet The 40 New Billionaires Who Got Rich Fighting Covid-19 – Forbes

Pfizer revenue and profits soar on its Covid vaccine business

Pfizer accused of pandemic profiteering as profits double

Drug Cartel: Pfizer Shatters Profit Records, Continues Raising Prices on Taxpayer-Funded

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