Trafalgar Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Biden’s Blood Red Independence Hall Speech Was “designed to incite conflict amongst Americans”

The great uniter Joey from Scranton

Oct 28, 2019 – Joe Biden asserted at a Florida fundraiser that a primary reason voters support President Trump is that he is a “racist.”

Apr 16, 2020 – “There are people who support [President Trump] because they like the fact that he is engaged in the politics of division,” Joe Biden.

May 22, 2020 – Joe Biden says voters “ain’t black” if they support Trump – CNN

Jul 22, 2020 – Joe Biden calls Trump the country’s ‘first’ racist president

Sep 29, 2020 – Biden calls Trump a ‘racist’ as they clash over Black Lives Matter protests and race relations during the first presidential debate

Jan 14, 2022 – Joe Biden Claims He Ran to ‘Unite the Country’ After Comparing Republicans to Racists

Poll: Majority Believe Biden’s ‘MAGA Extremists’ Speech A ‘Dangerous Escalation In Rhetoric, Designed To Incite Conflict’

More than 70% of Democrats said it is “acceptable messaging” to brand Trump supporters as violent extremists

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