‘The gall of Joe Biden, wrapping himself in the blue, after the anti-cop violence and Defund Police movement he slyly egged on during the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots.’ Miranda Devine

Black Lives Matter bail fund supported by Kamala Harris ‘helped free …

A BLACK Lives Matter leader threatened to “burn the White House down” and put police “in f***ing graves”

‘Black Lives Matter group’ tries to block hospital caring for ambushed cops & taunt officers: ‘I hope they f***ing die’

BLM speaker declares war on ‘filthy, disgusting animal’ cops

Biden State Department signals support for BLM flag to be flown at US embassies

Black Lives Matter leaders met with Biden officials – CNBC

Biden, Democrats’ lies about cops spawned sickening shooting: Devine

Blame Democrats for soaring crime, fallen cops – New York Post

Biden accused of bashing law enforcement during Police Week – New Y

President Biden is taking heat for using a Police Week statement to highlight a “deep sense of distrust” between law

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