You Don’t Support The U.S. Constitution, The Police When You Flood The Country With Millions of Illegal Aliens: Wake County Sheriff’s Deputy Ned Byrd, 48, would be alive today except for the three illegal alien “brothers [that] should have never been in America in the first place”

Slain Wake County Sheriff’s Deputy Ned Byrd’s K-9 partner, Sasha, leads the N.C. State Highway Patrol’s Caisson Unit during a procession for Deputy Byrd before his funeral at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, N.C., Friday, Aug. 19, 2022. Byrd, 48, had been with the sheriff’s office for 13 years. Byrd was responding to a domestic call and was killed after stopping along a dark stretch of road late at night.

William Gheen, who is based in North Carolina and is president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, placed blame for Byrd’s killing on broken borders and sanctuary policies that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

“The Sotelo brothers should have never been in America in the first place and should have had ICE detainers placed on them through 287(g) programs when previously encountered by police,” Mr. Gheen told The Washington Times.

ICE identifies cop-killer suspects as illegal immigrants

Washington Times|12 days ago

Three Mexican brothers identified as part of an investigation into the shocking murder of a North Carolina sheriff’s deputy were all in the country illegally — including one who was caught and released at the border under the Trump administration.

Angel Families – The Remembrance Project

Report the loss of a loved one caused by an illegal alien HERE.

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