10:34 AM · Sep 13, 2022 – EXCLUSIVE: In just a 45 minute span in Naco, AZ, our team saw over a dozen illegal immigrants dressed in camouflage use a rope to scale the border wall, then run into AZ. None were caught, making them “gotaways”. There have been over 500,000 gotaways so far this year. Bill Melugin @BillFOXLA

The only thing for certain, when there is a terrorist attack and it is determined the terrorist(s) entered through our open southern border, no one in the federal government will be held responsible. But there will likely be calls to exponentially expand DHS; which will probably garner bi-partisan support.

‘federal law enforcement and politicians [have] repeatedly stat[ed] that Americans constitute the biggest terrorist threat…

After 9/11, No Americans Were Held to Account. Here’s Why That’s Dangerous

And despite legions of blue ribbon panels to review what happened, despite subsequent revelations of wrongdoing, despite administrations promising to do better, the basic reality of government was exposed: No one is held accountable—not a White House official or top government agency director, not an intelligence analyst or FBI agent, not even a lowly airport security screener.

In an environment where no one was held accountable or took responsibility, reform became a matter of the American people writing the government a blank check, creating gigantic new bureaucracies but eliminating nothing.

Afghanistan IG: ‘No One in the Government Has Been Held Accountable’

(CNSNews.com) – The special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction told lawmakers on Wednesday that his office has issued 11 reports and 600 audits since its creation in 2008, but that despite “all of the reports we’ve done, no one in the government has been held accountable.”

“Not the generals who came up [to the Hill] and spun and spun and spun, and the ambassadors and aid administrators who gave bogus data to you. None of them have been held accountable.”

DHS Secretary Mayorkas spends time on 9/11 comparing “domestic extremist” MAGA folks to Al-Qaeda terrorists

Biden Homeland Security Chief Declares ‘Domestic Violent Extremist’ Greatest Terrorist Threat…

Aug 3, 2021 – On Monday, Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that “domestic violence extremism is the greatest terrorist-related threat we face on the homeland.”

The refrain has been a common one in recent years, with federal law enforcement and politicians repeatedly stating that Americans constitute the biggest terrorist threat – typically described as “white supremacists” or “domestic extremists” or a similar variation.

Mayorkas isn’t alone, of course. 

In January, the FBI announced that they were vetting active duty National Guard troops due to “fears of an insider attack.”

On his first day in office, President Biden “directed his national security team to lead a 100-day comprehensive review of U.S. Government efforts to address domestic terrorism, which has evolved into the most urgent terrorism threat the United States faces today.”

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