Americans spend MORE money on taxes than on food, clothing and healthcare combined

Americans spend MORE money on taxes than on food, clothing and healthcare combined

10 Sep 2022 Americans spent more money on expenses like food, clothing and healthcare in 2021… compared to the year before, as the cost of living soared under Biden.

Biden wants more taxpayer money to transport illegal immigrants around U.S.

Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. Taxpayers a Stunning $134.9 Billion a Year

For state and local governments education is by far the largest expense, an eye-popping $44.4 billion that goes mostly to K-12 public schools nationwide, though over a billion of it is spent on college tuition assistance.

Biden admin finalizes rule to ignore immigrants’ use of SNAP, Medicaid when considering green card requests

Your taxpayer dollars are footing the spiraling costs of illegal immigration

One of the major drivers of the increasing costs is the 4.2 million children of migrants, who automatically become American citizens. Taxpayers are indeed on the hook for over $45 billion in state and federal education spending annually, not to mention the added burden of increased social welfare dollars. Much of the almost $30 billion in medical and assistance funding is sparked by the fact that noncitizen families in the United States are twice as likely to receive welfare payments than native born families.

Lara Logan: They’re Giving Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens at the US Border

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