“Since the day he took office Larry Krasner has waged a war against police officers.” Journalist Ralph Cipriano

Krasner has made the prosecution of Philadelphia Police officers a campaign promise. Recently, Krasner was excoriated by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for manipulating the grand jury process to charge police officer Ryan Pownall for shooting a fleeing felon with a firearm.

“Krasner’s Office retaliated against me because I was a black detective exposing his illegal arrest of Police Officers, mostly white, to cause race issues in the City of Philadelphia for political gain,” said Philadelphia Police Detective Derrick Jacobs.

Krasner’s office has continued to classify officer-involved shootings cleared by police investigations as “under investigation” years after the incident, while Krasner’s former law colleagues pursue civil claims against the department. 

…in looking at Krasner’s prosecutorial track record, there is seemingly no opportunity missed to “throw the book” at a law enforcement officer, while scores of cases against violent, repeat felons are not pursued, or have charges dropped or dismissed. 

Journalist Ralph Cipriano agrees. “Since the day he took office Larry Krasner has waged a war against police officers. He’s indicted them on trumped up charges, and trampled on their constitutional rights, as the state courts ruled with his do-not-call list,” said Cipriano, who has covered these cases extensively at BigTrial.net “Krasner gives everybody else a pass except cops. He frees demonstrators who illegally blocked the Vine Street Expressway during rush hour, in favor of prosecuting the cops who were following the orders of their superiors to clear that highway. He needs to be impeached for having two standards of justice, one for cops, and one for everybody else.”

Ben Mannes: Is Krasner violating the civil rights of Philadelphia police officers?

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