Martha’s Vineyard To Biden’s Illegal Aliens: You ‘have to move somewhere else’ You’re Too Much of A Burden For Our Schools And Public Services Move To A Nice Middle-Class Neighborhood Get Off Our Island

‘We’re too RICH to welcome migrants!’ Martha’s Vineyard Homelessness Director claims billionaire haven has ‘no room’ for 50 migrants flown in by DeSantis – as Florida prepares to send more to Biden’s home state of Delaware 

Lisa Belcastro said the island is facing a shortage of affordable housing as Gov. Ron DeSantis is threatening to fly illegal migrants to President Biden’s home state of Delaware. The median house in Martha’s Vineyard is worth almost $800,000, according to the census , and the median household is $77,370 – well above the national average of $67,521. She told reporters that at ‘some point they have to move somewhere else’, because the island is suffering from a ‘housing crisis’.Lt Gov Jeanette Nunez has declared that DeSantis’ administration is planning to send any illegal migrants from Florida to Delaware.

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