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“Hundreds of thousands [of illegal aliens] cross the border each and every month, more than 4 million since [Biden] took office… It is simply incredible how much damage [Biden] has inflicted on the nation in just 20 months.”

The [Democrats] compassion vanished the minute it collided with reality.

[This] White House has for months secretly shipped tens of thousands of migrants around the country, often in the middle of the night with no notice to local officials. No Dems complained then, so where did their love go? 

Biden’s border fiasco is the latest proof that the left has plenty of fanciful ideas about creating paradise but none on how to govern in the real world. The defund-the-police movement led to a sickening surge in violent crime that continues as cops are demonized and criminals are coddled.

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Deep Thoughts From The U.S. Vice-President: Each Time You Light Your Lighter…

Kamala Harris said border is secure despite record-breaking migration

Most vulnerable Democrats won’t say border is secure, or if they’d welcome illegal migrants in home districts

Kamala Harris Boosted Fund That Bails Out Murderous Felons

In PA Tom leads BLM protest against cops.

A BLACK Lives Matter leader threatened to “burn the White House down” and put police “in f***ing graves”

BLM and/or Antifa rioters burn down police station in Minneapolis

BLM protesters set Portland police station on fire – New York Post

BLM Protesters Commit Arson Attack on South Carolina Police Station

BLM protesters shout ‘burn it down’ as they start fires in the street …

BLM Burns Down Kenosha — A City of 100,000 — With Police and National Gaurd Deployed

Watch: BLM-Antifa rioters chant ‘burn it down’ at Portland police station