First Martha’s Vineyard, now Joe’s backyard!: Delaware Prepares For DeSantis Air Delivery

Biden is on pace to take the most vacation than ANY president as he prepares to head to Rehoboth Beach

Aug 19, 2022 – President Biden is building a taxpayer-funded security fence around his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, with a price tag that has ballooned to nearly $500,000.

Biden’s border crisis breaks another annual record – with a month to spare! Two MILLION migrants arrested at the Mexico border in one year for the first time in history

First Martha’s Vineyard, now Joe’s backyard! Delaware readies for surprise influx of migrants after plane used by DeSantis to drop Venezuelans in Martha’s Vineyard prepares to touch down

Sep 20, 2022 – Delaware’s Governor has said they are ‘preparing’ for any migrants that may be sent to Biden’s home state by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – as the plane which was flown into Martha’s Vineyard …

Biden’s DHS chief says the border is ‘secure’ and ‘closed’

Kamala Harris said border is secure despite record-breaking migration

White House says Biden ‘doing a lot more’ than Trump ‘to secure the border

Biden admin. ripped for ‘flat out lie’ on border security: Every Biden …

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