‘Open the jails. Open the borders. Close the schools. Vote progressive this November.’

Pennsylvania’s governor suspends the death penalty

Feb 13, 2015 – Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced Friday that he had suspended the death penalty

Victim’s Family Criticizes Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf for Death Penalty …

The family of a 16-year-old Pennsylvania girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered in 1993 is criticizing Gov. Tom Wolf for delaying Friday’s execution of the man who confessed to the crimes.

Pa. murder victims’ families support the death penalty – York Daily Record

Pa. murder victims’ families support the death penalty. After Gov. Tom Wolf suspended the use of capital punishment in the commonwealth in February, the Pennsylvania Office of the Victim Advocate

While murders surge across Pennsylvania the Gov. and Lt. Gov. keep busy freeing murderers: Gov. Tom Wolf releases 8 lifers, more than any other Pa. governor in decades

Gov. Wolf Signs 13 Commutations for People Who Were Sentenced to Life

Feb 12, 2021 – Criminal Justice Reform, Press Release, Prison Reform. Thirteen clemency applicants sentenced to life in prison will soon be freed to a Community Corrections Center and eventually paroled because Governor Tom Wolf signed their commutations yesterday. Each of the 13 was recommended by Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, led by Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

Gov. Wolf, Lt. Gov. Fetterman Announce Effort to Quickly Pardon …

Sep 1, 2022 – Gov. Wolf has prioritized criminal justice reform throughout his administration and thanks to his leadership, Pennsylvania is a leader in pardon reform. Since taking office, Gov. Wolf has granted 2,098 pardons, 326 of those were part of an expedited review for nonviolent marijuana-related offenses. In the 15 years prior to Gov. Wolf’s term …

Record surge in 2020 murders across Pa. | fox43.com

Homicides, violent crimes surging in Pittsburgh this year

Philadelphia ends 2021 with the most murders in the city’s history

Senate Candidate Fetterman — Sanctuary Cities Make ‘Everybody Safer’

Man Who Raped Woman on Train in Philadelphia as Bystanders ‘Filmed it’ is an Illegal Alien From Congo with Prior Sex Abuse Conviction

ICE arrests Ecuadorian illegal immigrant wanted on international warrant or alleged rape of 13-year-old girl

Philadelphia murder and Boston stabbing suspect an illegal immigrant

Two Illegal Aliens Accused of Beating 28-Year-Old to Death …

Oct 12, 2021 – Omar Arce, a 32-year-old illegal alien, and Jose Alberto Flores-Huerta, a 33-year-old illegal alien… were arrested and charged with murdering 28-year-old Isidro Cortes on September 16 outside of South Philadelphia’s Pat’s King of Steaks restaurant.

“Staying at home doesn’t mean making a daily stop at the grocery store because you need to get out of the house. Staying at home means you must stay at home.” Wolf’s unelected Pennsylvania Secretary of Health

Biden ignores Levine’s nursing home scandal, touts transgender qualifications

“…the virus is what’s doing this. It’s not me. It’s not the administration. It’s not the government,” BLM Tom Wolf explained.

Wolf shuts down all schools in the state – timesherald

Gov. Wolf shuts down bars, restaurants, indoor entertainment and more… – NEPA Scene

Gov. Wolf stands behind fall sports shutdown…

Wolf, Levine ban drinking at bars, restaurants on Thanksgiving eve …

Wolf: Traditional graduation ceremonies ‘impossible’ | Covid-19 …

2020 Democrat Hypocrisy Hall Of Shame | The Daily Wire

Jan 2, 2021 – Wolf broke his own state’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions on June 3 when he marched in solidarity with hundreds of protesters in Harrisburg…

Pennsylvania: Judge Rules Wolf, Levine’s Shutdown Orders Unconstitutional

a broad “population lockdown” that has “never been used in response to any other disease in our history.”  Even during the much deadlier Spanish flu 100 years ago, “nothing remotely approximating lockdowns were imposed.”

In COVID-19 Restrictions Ruling, Judge Holds Pennsylvania Governor to the Constitution

Judge William Stickman IV’s development of the factual record, and his journeyman approach to the opinion, is a model for other judges to follow.

Stickman’s opinion is a must-read, as he exposed the arbitrary and capricious nature of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s power grab, which has affected the lives of every Pennsylvanian, and he distilled his reasoning with crystal clarity.

The governor’s stay-at-home order, which severely restricted when and for what purposes Pennsylvanians could leave their homes, violated the Due Process Clause.

Stickman noted at the outset that this is not a quarantine, which has been used in past pandemics.  Rather, it’s a broad “population lockdown” that has “never been used in response to any other disease in our history.”  Even during the much deadlier Spanish flu 100 years ago, “nothing remotely approximating lockdowns were imposed.”

Report: Pennsylvania 42nd in COVID-19 policy response

Pennsylvania’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Scandal

Pennsylvania Ranks 49th “when it comes to vaccinating seniors” The Most Vulnerable Population “about 88% of the state’s deaths.”

It’s Good To Be King: PA Gov. Tom Wolf Releasing More Murderers Because He Can

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