‘An illegal migrant driving a front-end loader allegedly struck and killed a veteran Florida deputy before fleeing the scene’

‘National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens’

Colorado deputy killed by illegal immigrant in hit-and-run, suspect arrested with her handcuffs

Mom of son killed by illegal immigrant: This happened ‘because of who is sitting in that White House’

Deputy Mike Hartwick was a 19-year veteran of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

“This company is employing a bunch of illegals and they are all out there lying and giving us fake names, fake IDs, a lot of fake IDs out of North Carolina that really frustrated this investigation,” the sheriff said.

“He didn’t have a driver’s license. He’s got nothing. He shouldn’t have been here to begin with and he shouldn’t have been driving. He shouldn’t have been working…He has no qualifications to drive a front loader,” he explained.

“If this individual’s illegal status played into his decision to try to cover up this incident, it underscores just one of the harms that our state faces because of the federal government’s open border policies. The State of Florida is not a sanctuary state and illegal immigrants are not authorized to work here. For reasons such as this, we will continue our lawful efforts to interdict and relocate illegal immigrants.”

Migrant driving front-end loader strikes and kills Florida deputy

By Patrick Reilly September 23, 2022

During his time on the run, cops said he contacted his roommate — who is also an illegal migrant — asking him to pick him up in his car, police said.

Molina-Salles originally provided police with the false name of Victor Vasquez-Real and said he was 35-years-old. Investigators later learned “that was a bunch of nonsense,” Gualtieri said.

According to the sheriff’s office, Molina-Salles entered the country illegally in Oct 2021 in Eagle Pass, TX — a hotspot for migrants crossing the southern border — but was turned around by CBP and sent back to Mexico.

Many of the construction workers at the site were determined to also be illegal migrants, according to Gualtieri. Most of them lied or provided false information to deputies, which he said hindered the investigation.

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