“DHS confirms that Venezuela empties prisons and sends violent criminals to our southern border…”

Sep 16, 2022: White House Press Secretary: ‘We Agree That The Border Is Secure’

5 Biden illegal immigration records that have already been shattered in 2022

Ron DeSantis Found a Way to Finally Get People to Focus on America’s Open Border Catastrophe

DHS tops 2 million illegal immigrant encounters in 2022 alongside record rise in smuggled fentanyl

ICE official testifies removal of illegal immigrant has plummeted seven fold

ABC, NBC, CBS give Biden a pass on border fentanyl crisis, study shows

CDC: Drug Overdoses Reach Record High Under Joe Biden

Rep. Nehls says Homeland Security confirmed Venezuela ‘sends violent criminals’ to U.S.

justthenews|8 days ago

Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls on Sunday said the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that Venezuela is sending “violent criminals” to the United States through the southern border. “DHS confirms that Venezuela empties prisonsand sends violent criminals to our southern border,

President Biden: “White Supremacy Is The Greatest Terrorist Threat To ..

DHS Sec. Mayorkas tells black audience greatest threat is “white supremacy”

FBI memo says white supremacists, racist terrorists are now greatest …

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