Angry Joe Biden Gives Yet Another Angry Speech About ‘White supremacy’ The ‘most lethal’ Threat To America At The Congressional Black Caucus Dinner In Washington

White supremacy ‘most lethal’ threat to America, Biden says

Abbott: 81 suspects on terror watchlist found at border in Biden era

Joe Biden tells black girl: Cops don’t pull over white girls

…at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum, multiple POTUS wannabes used their time with the microphone and a captive audience to preach about how bad police are. Joe Biden just actually said that police “don’t pull over white girls.”

Biden boasts victories for Blacks, blasts White supremacy to fire up base before midterms

‘Senile’ Joe Biden is bringing shame to the United States

By Miranda Devine October 2, 2022

Saturday night, Biden dressed up in a bow tie to deliver another angry speech railing against his “semi-fascist” political opponents to a Congressional Black Caucus dinner in Washington: “I know I’m being banged up by the Republicans, but come bring it on,” he snarled. 

“Hate will not prevail in America,” he bellowed later, warning to his favorite imaginary topic. “White supremacy will not have the last word.” 

Joe Biden’s worst gaffes of all time

How many more times must we endure these spiteful outbursts from a president who promised to unite the country? 

How much longer must we cringe as he reads “end of quote, repeat the line” off the teleprompter? 

The embarrassment is not just for a 79-year-old career politician who needs cue cards to tell him when to stand and where to sit and what to write in a condolence book. It’s for every American. 

When Biden went to Israel in the summer, he stumbled off Air Force One asking, “What am I doing now?”, had to be steered onto the red carpet and then accidentally waxed lyrical about the “honor” of the Holocaust. 

“The truth is that it’s not Biden who is senile, all of America is senile,” was the conclusion of Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


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