Never More Relevant: “No nation, no society has ever changed this much, this fast.” Tucker Carlson

Times are changing and the U.S. is no longer a nation of endless resources, boundaries, and inadequate labor. For this nation to thrive, it must continue to control the number of illegal aliens entering each year.

The Fiscal Burden: Illegal Immigration | YIP Institute

Jun 21, 2021 – Education funding for illegal alien children is the most substantial burden on American taxpayers due to the fact that it is a local governmental expense.

The student body in the Hazleton School District has changed a lot in just a few years.

One wave of immigration has prompted another: often the adults who choose Hazleton now have family or friends who relocated there and who recommend it as a quiet, safe place to raise a family and find a job.

About a third of the 10,000 students in the Hazleton School District are Hispanic, primarily from the Dominican Republic.  The number of Hispanic students has nearly doubled from five years ago.

Hazleton schools address language barriers

December 8, 2010

The influx of Spanish-speakers to Hazleton, Pennsylvania, gained national attention when its mayor tried to punish landlords who rented to illegal immigrants.

But it’s not just the adults who are changing the area’s demographics.  Their children have left the Hazleton School District with the challenging task of educating a flood of students who are not fluent in  English. 

“In the year 2000, Hazleton’s population was 2 percent Hispanic,” Carlson noted. “Just 16 years later, Hazleton is majority Hispanic. That’s a lot of change.”

“And notice where this change is not happening? Any place our leaders live. They caused all of us with their reckless immigration policies, and yet their own neighborhoods are basically unchanged, they look like it’s 1960. No demographic change at all in their zip codes. Our leaders are for diversity, just not where they live.”

    Martha’s Vineyard Elites Deport Illegal Immigrants After 24 Hours

    Hell’s Kitchen public school overwhelmed with 100 migrant kids

    By Georgia Worrell, Susan Edelman and Melissa Klein  October 1, 2022 | 10:41am

    The sudden influx of migrant children has led to worry about ongoing overcrowding and how teachers will cope — and also about how the new students are faring.

    The Cost of Illegal Immigration to US Taxpayers | FAIR

    That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664. The total cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is both staggering and crippling.

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