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Looking Back: Democrats Push to Defund the Police

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. – Maya Angelou

Looking Back: Democrats Push to Defund the Police

From the White House to the Speaker’s Office, Democrats are scrambling to distance themselves from the slogan they once so proudly championed – ‘Defund the Police.’ This was a rallying cry for progressives throughout the last year, but after losing nearly a dozen seats and seeing the latest polling, Democrats are now claiming it was actually Republicans who wanted to defund the police… no, really. We didn’t think it was serious either. It’s a messaging strategy so distorted and bizarre even the Washington Post gave it 3 Pinocchios.


‘Democrats are operating a series of 51 ‘fake news’ websites pushing left-wing stories in toss-up states’

Biden says ‘vaccinated people won’t catch COVID-19’

Joe Biden says he STILL believes Hunter laptop revelations were Russian disinformation

Let’s Face It: Joe Biden’s Serial Lies and Embellishments About His Biography Are Shamelessly Weird

President Joe Biden called on social media companies and media outlets to police users and content providers that are spreading “misinformation and disinformation.”

‘Propaganda’: Dem Operatives Are Placing Stories In Network Of Pop-Up Local Media Outlets To Sway The Midterms

Among the titles that are packed with content from American Independent staff are the the Tri-City Record, the Bucks County Standard

Democrats are operating a series of 51 ‘fake news’ websites pushing left-wing stories in toss-up states in a bid to turn the midterms in their favor, shocking investigation finds

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