‘Fabulous’ Fauci mocked his OWN COVID rules for indoor dining as ‘a**-backwards’ and claimed he could get ‘people to believe anything’

Flip-flopping ‘egomaniac’ Fauci mocked his OWN COVID rules for indoor dining as ‘a**-backwards’ and claimed he could get ‘people to believe anything’, new damning book by his …

Daily Mail|25 days ago

Anthony Fauci has … to believe anything,’ Morgenstern wrote. ‘He went on to laugh about how ‘a**-backwards’ it was that people entered a restaurant wearing a mask, then sat down and conversed

Psychopath and Serial Liar Anthony Fauci – Father of Lockdowns – Now Claims “I Didn’t Shutdown Anything” – But the Internet Has the Receipts (VIDEO)

Fauci Says He Told Trump to ‘Shut the Country Down’ – Newsweek

Oct 7, 2020 – Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease specialist, said he advised the president to “shut the country down” in the earlier stages of the pandemic. He said this was the most …

Fauci: ‘I Didn’t Recommend Locking Anything Down’ During COVID – Townhall

Jul 26, 2022 – Greg Nash/Pool via AP. In an interview Monday on The HillTV’s Rising, Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that he “didn’t recommend locking anything down” through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fauci

Attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for considering reopening schools – April 10, 2020

Aug 22, 2022 – After Dr. Anthony Fauci announced Monday he plans to retire from government service at the end of 2022, video resurfaced of him saying that one of the biggest mistakes the government made during the pandemic was not locking down sooner like China.

‘I Believe So:’ Fauci Says School Closures Were Worth It

Fauci: No Regrets About “Flatten The Curve” Policy: “The Record Will …

Fauci Asserts He ‘Had Nothing to Do With’ School Lockdowns During…

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