Let’s talk about “Election Deniers.”

Tucker Carlson: Kari Lake Is Pulling Off The Media’s Mask And Letting Them Know They Don’t Deserve Any Respect

https://www.cnn.com › 2022 › 10 › 05 › politics › kari-lake-arizona-governor-swing-state › index.html

Election denier Kari Lake has a real shot of winning a swing state …

https://www.npr.org › sections › 2022-live-primary-election-race-results › 2022 › 08 › 04 › 1115523959 › kari-lake-primary-election-results-arizona-republican-for-governor

Kari Lake, news anchor turned election denier, is Arizona GOP nominee

https://www.msnbc.com › the-last-word › watch › katie-hobbs-kari-lake-is-a-dangerous-election-denier-150529093732

Katie Hobbs: Kari Lake is a ‘dangerous’ election denier

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