“We’re going to get it done when I’m governor because I give a damn,” Shapiro told Philly Gay News earlier this year.

Human rights’ group celebrates medical transitioning of children in Children’s Philadelphia endorses Josh Shapiro…

Oct 3, 2022 “Josh Shapiro has been steadfast in defending and supporting the LGBTQ+ community,” Human Rights Campaign declared. “His track record on transgender rights is exemplary, including legal actions in support of transgender students using the bathroom that conforms with their gender identity and against Trump administration policies that … sought to allow discrimination against transgender …

Transgender bathroom fight: Pennsylvania signs amicus brief in Florida case…

Dec 3, 2021 Pennsylvania’s top attorney is backing a trans high school grad who sued his public school for forbidding him from using the boys’ bathroom. Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who announced …

LGBTQ+ Rights – Shapiro For Governor

The LGBTQ flag flying alongside Pennsylvania’s. (Office of Gov. Tom Wolf)

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