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Babylon Bee: Turkey Denied Presidential Pardon After Photos Emerge Of It Attending January 6

U.S. · Nov 21, 2022 · Turkey Denied Presidential Pardon After Photos Emerge Of It Attending January 6

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a break from a long-standing tradition, the White House announced that this year’s Thanksgiving turkey would not receive a cer…

Breaking News: ‘769 days after Post broke story’ And After Mid-Terms CBS ‘confirms’ Biden Laptop From Hell Is REAL NEWS

Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide

Oct 22, 2020 – CBS’ Lesley Stahl: Biden Laptop Can’t Be Verified ‘Because It Can’t Be’

CBS ‘confirms’ Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after Post broke story

Today It only took them 769 days. CBS News said Monday that it confirmed the authenticity of data from Hunter Biden’s former laptop — more than two years after The Post first revealed its contents …

CBS FINALLY admits Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop IS REAL

Spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for smearing Hunter Biden story

Justice coming for ‘Dirty 51’ Hunter Biden laptop liars – New York Post

Mar 30, 2022 – Washington Post finally admits Hunter Biden’s laptop is real

Mar 17, 2022 – The Times finally admits Hunter Biden’s laptop is real – New York Post

CBS News Officially Confirms That Lincoln Has Been Shot

Ukraine invested in top Dem donor’s crypto company FTX as Biden admin funded war effort…

Ukraine invested in top Dem donor’s crypto company FTX as Biden admin funded war effort…

November 11, 2022 The multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency company FTX, run by CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the second biggest Democrat donor right after George Soros, collapsed last week as details emerged regarding their financial practices, which led to a run by customers on FTX. FTX did not have the funds to pay out.

It was also revealed that FTX had partnered with Ukraine to process donations to their war efforts within days of Joe Biden pledging billions of American taxpayer dollars to the country. Ukraine invested into FTX as the Biden administration funneled funds to the invaded nation, and FTX then made massive donations to Democrats in the US.

Ukraine: Washington’s Money Laundering & Bribery Machine

Biden signs $40 billion aid package to Ukraine while in Seoul

Biden sending Ukraine $625 million in weapons from shrinking US stockpile

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams: “So no I don’t have 107 sheriffs who want to be able to take Black people off the streets.”

Abrams: Cops ‘want to be able to take black people off the streets’

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams said Georgia sheriffs endorsed her opponent, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, because they ‘want to be able to take black people off the streets.’ 

MSNBC Mouthpiece Declares Depending On Election Results ‘…our children will be arrested and conceivably killed.’ House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) ‘America Will ‘Repeat What Happened in Germany’ in the 1930s if GOP Wins’

Jim Clyburn Warns on Fox News Digital America Will ‘Repeat What Happened in Germany’ in the 1930s if GOP Wins

MSNBC’s Beschloss: GOP Midterm Victory Will Bring ‘Brutal Authoritarian System,’ Our Children Will Be Arrested, Killed

Beschloss said,“A historian 50 years from now, if historians are allowed to write in this country and if there are still free publishing houses and a free press, which I’m not certain of. But if that is true, a historian will say, what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed. We’re on the edge of a brutal authoritarian system, and it could be a week away.”

When historians get hysterical

Take this embarrassing exchange between “historian” Michael Beschloss and radio host Don Imus soon after Obama’s 2008 election:

Beschloss: “This is a guy [Obama] whose IQ is off the charts.”

Imus: “Well, what is his IQ?”

Beschloss: “Pardon?”

Imus: “What is his IQ?”

Beschloss: “Uh, I would say it’s probably — he’s probably the smartest guy ever to become president.”

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“Crime – second-most important issue for Republicans, fifth most important for Democrats”

With four days to go until the midterms, breaks down how the ECONOMY and crime have been top issues for voters for months – while Democrats have spent $320M on abortion ads (10 TIMES more than on inflation commercials)

  • The economy and inflation, rather than social issues, are top of mind for most voters this year by nearly every measure of polling 
  • A new Wall Street Journal poll shows white suburban women now favor Republicans over Democrats by 15 points
  • Nearly every poll has the economy pegged as voters’ top concern, followed by  crime and abortion
  • A Reuters/Ipsos poll found crime and corruption were a top issue for about 1 in 10 voters, behind economy but ahead of issues like abortion and climate change
  • 43% would rather vote for a candidate who believes Joe Biden won the election, 19% said one that believes Donald Trump won, but 35% said they don’t care

By Morgan Phillips, Politics Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 09:19 EST, 4 November 2022 | Updated: 12:09 EST, 4 November 2022

President Biden on Wednesday night centered one of his final closing arguments for the midterms on the dangers to democracy, election deniers, and political violence after the attack on Paul Pelosi.


NBC Deletes, Retracts Report On Paul Pelosi Being Alone With Assailant For 30 Minutes

“We’re going to get it done when I’m governor because I give a damn,” Shapiro told Philly Gay News earlier this year.

Human rights’ group celebrates medical transitioning of children in Children’s Philadelphia endorses Josh Shapiro…

Oct 3, 2022 “Josh Shapiro has been steadfast in defending and supporting the LGBTQ+ community,” Human Rights Campaign declared. “His track record on transgender rights is exemplary, including legal actions in support of transgender students using the bathroom that conforms with their gender identity and against Trump administration policies that … sought to allow discrimination against transgender …

Transgender bathroom fight: Pennsylvania signs amicus brief in Florida case…

Dec 3, 2021 Pennsylvania’s top attorney is backing a trans high school grad who sued his public school for forbidding him from using the boys’ bathroom. Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who announced …

LGBTQ+ Rights – Shapiro For Governor

The LGBTQ flag flying alongside Pennsylvania’s. (Office of Gov. Tom Wolf)

Too Scared To Walk The Streets With Your Family… You Might Be A Racist: ‘Your white fragility is showing. Stop complaining about the increase in murders.’

Philadelphia sets all-time murder record — RT World News

Philadelphia reaches 1,000 carjackings for first time ever

Philadelphia DA Krasner claims Republican focus on city crime is ‘racist messaging’

Rape in Atlanta up 236%, murder by 43% in 2022

All 16 cities with record high homicides in 2021 have Democrat mayors

Dems’ pathetic ‘it’s racist!’ defense on crime –

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Here’s The Deal… Not A Joke Man… Cops Don’t Pull Over White Girls And If You Elect Me I’ll ‘put and end to’ [these racist cops], Democrat Joe Biden, United States government official

Joe Biden ‘absolutely’ believes systemic racism exists in law enforcement

WATCH: White supremacy is ‘most lethal threat to the homeland today,’ Biden says

During his first joint address to Congress on April 28, President Joe Biden said the country must “root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system.” …

Biden: Former Military, Police Fueling ‘Growth of White Supremacy’



  1. Relating to or affecting the entire body or an entire organism.

“If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I am stopped by the police?” the woman asked the 2020 candidate.

“If you were my daughter, you’d be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn’t be pulled over,” Biden said.

Watch Video on Joe Biden’s, United States government official Twitter account:

Biden Says Keep That Border Open: Biden Administration Says The State of Arizona Is Trespassing On Federal Land And Is In Violation of Federal Law By Placing Shipping Containers On It’s Southern Border Which Is Impeding Biden’s Illegal Alien Invasion

“They say this is federal land, and it is, but it would be trespassing supposedly to put these containers on there,” Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls,… “Well, my contention is that 300,000 people that have come through this year alone, they’ve been trespassing, and I don’t remember seeing a letter going out to anybody to try to stop any of that.”

Biden Breaks His Annual Record With 2.3M Illegal Border Crossings

22 Oct., 2022 – More than 2.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border in fiscal year 2022, breaking the record Biden’s administration set a year ago by 37%. The total of the two record-setting years of illegal migration under the Biden administration is now 4.7 million. “This is a failure,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel wrote in a statement.

Biden’s welcome program for illegal immigrants

the Biden administration continues to demand Ducey remove the barriers, with claims that the state is trespassing on federal lands.

Biden admin accuses Arizona of trespassing by building barrier on US-Mexico border

Shipping containers placed along US border prevent Bureau of Reclamation from performing its mission

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