SCOTUS Hears Redistricting Case To Consider Whether ‘the Constitution assigns near-exclusive election authority to state legislatures.’

After a redistricting map picked by the Democrat controlled PA supreme court in February 2022; Democrats take control of the Pennsylvania House with a 102-101 majority in November 2022.

Mission Accomplished: ‘out [of] 12 other proposals’ The Democrat Majority Pennsylvania Supreme Court Picked The Congressional Map Submitted by Obama’s and Holder’s National Redistricting Action Fund

A Redistricting Case at the Supreme Court May Overhaul Elections

The court on Wednesday will use a North Carolina redistricting case to consider Republican contentions that the Constitution assigns near-exclusive election authority to state legislatures. The approach would strip state judges and other officials of longstanding roles in shaping congressional districts, voter eligibility and mail-in ballots …

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Decides 4-3 on Democrat Redistricting Map

Feb 24, 2022 – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday picked a redistricting map that was designed by a Stanford professor and proposed by Democrat plaintiffs. One Democrat justice, Debra Todd, sided with two Republican justices in dissent from the 4-3 decision to create a map dubbed the “Carter Plan,” which greatly pleased Democrats.

Article I of the Constitution empowers state legislatures to draw congressional lines. Both chambers of the Pennsylvania legislature are controlled by Republicans. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is controlled by justices regarded as partisan Democrats.

Nationwide, Democrats are doing “weirdly well” in nationwide redistricting battles, according to New York Magazine. Democrats have curtailed the GOP’s overall 2022 midterm momentum in Maryland, New York, California, Oregon, New Jersey, and Illinois.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court takes control of redrawing state’s …

Democrats take 102-101 majority in Pennsylvania House; GOP chooses …

Nov 18, 2022 – Democrats take 102-101 majority in Pennsylvania House; GOP chooses Senate leaders. November 18, 2022November 18, 2022. The narrow victory defied the predicted “red wave” with the help of Democratic line-drawing in last year’s redistricting.

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