“The more urgent issue is the conduct of our own government, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation…”

Thus, the FBI enabled Democrats to turn the tables on Trump, using damaging information about the Bidens to reenforce their narrative that Trump was in cahoots with the Russians. In the years since, it has worked to continue to suppress the truth about the Biden family business. Without dismissing the serious danger posed by Twitter and other media regarding their approach to the laptop, the real story here is the actions of our own government.

The FBI Files Are Even More Dangerous


By J. Peder Zane December 13, 2022

Elon Musk is performing a great public service by releasing the Twitter Files, which show how the social media company he recently purchased suppressed news about the Biden family’s foreign dealings. While the company’s actions, which occurred weeks before the 2020 election, raise knotty questions about free speech, they are a distraction. The more urgent issue is the conduct of our own government, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which created the landscape where censorship and disinformation could thrive and possibly change the outcome of the presidential contest.

Here is a brief chronology which focuses on the bureau’s key role in this ongoing scandal.

In December 2019, the FBI used a subpoena to take possession of the laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at a Delaware repair shop the previous April. The bureau has not said what it did with the computer but, as it acquired the laptop in connection with a Hunter Biden investigation involving money laundering, it is hard to believe it did not authenticate the data.


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