More Aid To Ukraine ‘Number One Priority’ for Republicans

Mitch McConnell: Aiding Ukraine ‘Number One Priority’ for Republicans

20 Dec., 2022 – Mitch McConnell said during a press conference on Tuesday that the “number one priority” for Republicans is to provide more aid to Ukraine. … McConnell made his claim about Ukraine aid as the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill includes $45 billion in military and economic aid for Ukraine. This is billions more than the $37 billion Biden requested in …

How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich

Schweizer: Mitch McConnell, Wife Elaine Chao Financially Tied to the Chinese Government

A majority of Americans see an ‘invasion’ at the southern border, NPR …

40% of Americans Are Struggling to Pay Their Bills: Census – Money

As inflation rages, more Americans are struggling to pay their bills.

The Got-Away Crisis at Our Southern Border | The Heritage Foundation

America’s Homelessness Crisis Is Getting Worse – The New York Times

The Fentanyl Crisis in America is Getting Worse

America’s health care crisis is much deeper than COVID-19

Emergency Rooms Labeled ‘Biggest Crisis in American Health Care …

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