Time To Fix The 247-year-old Marine Corps

At a whopping 738 pages, the in-depth study highlights a host of prospective changes the 247-year-old institution can implement to make drill instructors of both genders feel more comfortable when being addressed by cadets – with the most pronounced being the nixing of gender-specific titles.

US Marine Corps are urged to stop calling instructors ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ to be more gender inclusive and avoid being ‘offensive’ by woke academics

The recommendation came in a recently completed academic report from the University of Pittsburgh, which was commissioned by the Corps in 2020.

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Pressure Grows for Marines to Lower Standards for Women

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Navy creates separate PRT plank standards for men, women

Air Force Admits to Lowering Physical Fitness Standards to Allow Woman to Join Elite Unit

Whistleblower: Pentagon Holds Female Soldiers To Far Lower Standards

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