‘Brackenridge, PA Police Chief killed by career criminal [aka ‘The Duquesne man]’… ‘who was previously convicted of shooting at a police officer in 2014.’

Wife of Pennsylvania police chief killed in shooting says, ‘I’m literally broken’

Brackenridge is a small town of 3,240 people and is 90% White. Pittsburgh is roughly 25% Black. However, in the past twelve years, 85% of known homicide offenders have been Black.

A Pennsylvania police chief was killed after he ‘ran towards danger’ pursuing a suspect

CNN on MSN.com|6 hours ago

Justin McIntire, the police chief in Brackenridge, was shot in the head while chasing a man wanted by Pennsylvania State Police, officials said.

5 guns recovered from slain suspect in killing of Pa. police chief, authorities say

Duquesne man suspected of killing Brackenridge police chief had extensive criminal history

The Duquesne man suspected of killing Brackenridge’s police chief Monday had been charged with homicide nearly a decade ago. Aaron Swan, 28, was shot and killed last night after a shootout with police in Pittsburgh’s Homewood-Brushton neighborhood.

The Duquesne man(L) and Police Chief Justin McIntire, Brackenridge, PA.

Brackenridge, PA Police Chief killed by career criminal that system coddled

He previously shot at a cop in 2014

January 3, 2023

Justin McIntire, Police Chief of Brackenridge, PA, was killed in one of two police shootouts with Aaron Lamont Swan, 28.

McIntire was shot and killed, while a second unnamed officer was shot in the leg and hospitalized.

Swan was previously convicted of shooting at a police officer in 2014. However, he was given a wrist slap plea deal and was only sentenced to three years. In 2017, he was sentenced to another three years for armed robbery and inflicting serious bodily injury. By 2019, he had already been released early and was sentenced to another year for selling drugs.

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