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180 Degrees From What You Were Told: ‘Spending more time with your kids, grandkids—and their germs—may lower risk of a severe outcome from Covid-19, recent studies show’

Spending more time with your kids, grandkids—and their germs—may lower risk of a severe outcome from Covid-19, recent studies show

…parents, guardians and other people who interact with smaller children (and their germs) often, contracting an illness like the common cold could actually help strengthen your immune system against severe outcomes from Covid-19 infection.

Exposure to kids may lower your risk of hospitalization from Covid-19

The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in August, discovered an association between people who were exposed to young children and lower risk of severe illness from Covid-19.

Biden said, ‘If you get vaccinated, you won’t get COVID …

Biden: “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” – CNN

Biden’s attempt to rope Big Tech into more censorship is downright sinister

Lawsuit reveals vast censorship scheme by Big Tech and the federal government

Majority of Covid deaths are among vaccinated Americans for the first time – now that 230million have had at least two shots

Fauci: Vaccinated people become ‘dead ends’ for the coronavirus

Fauci Urges Americans to Skip Thanksgiving With Family

Fauci encourages Americans to skip seeing their kids on Christmas …

Fauci explains if families can visit grandparents after they’ve been fully vaccinated

Fauci says attacks on him are ‘attacks on science’ – New York Post

While Biden Searches For ‘Root Causes’ of His Invasion, his Illegal Aliens Party It Up – Trash $500 A ‘Night four-star Row NYC hotel’ – Where They Are Housed While NYPD Cops Call It ‘a total s–t show’

Biden says US must solve ‘root causes’ of migration – Fox News

Biden’s welcome program for illegal immigrants – New York Post

Biden loads illegal immigrants up with welfare, free legal services and free health care

Illegals handed big ‘welcome packet’ packages full of free stuff

Root causes’ aren’t behind migrant surge — it’s open borders

Have you ever stayed in a $500 a night hotel?

Migrants staying at $500-a-night Times Square hotel on NYC taxpayers’ dime are ‘trashing rooms, drinking all day, smoking marijuana and having sex in the stairwell’ – with worker calling them a ‘disgrace’ 

“If [an American] got caught smoking in the hotel, it was a $500 charge. You could smoke outside, but you couldn’t stand in front so that people wouldn’t get secondhand smoke,” [Row NYC employee Felipe Rodriguez] said. “The protocols went down the toilet because migrants can smoke weed, they can smoke cigarettes. You can’t tell them nothing.

…there are a lot of migrants there that are causing chaos. We have a lot of fights, a lot of drugs, a lot of sexual harassment abuse.”

An NYPD source confirmed that cops have responded to a string of domestic incidents at the hotel.

Rodriguez said NYPD officers were initially stationed in the lobby but were replaced by National Guard soldiers in December.

Rodriguez also said the hotel had a list “of people that are supposed to be quarantined — for COVID, chickenpox, whatever it is.”

“Nobody supervises those people,” he said. “Once they get bored, they flee. We don’t know who’s sick and who’s not sick.”

Rodriguez added ruefully: “We are in an environment that is hostile, violent and not safe anymore.”

A hotel room covered in empty beer cans and bottles after several migrants had a World Cup party.
Felipe Rodriguez

‘Tons’ of food gets tossed daily by NYC hotel because migrants won’t eat it

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