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‘We [Townhall] Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here’s What We Found.’ ‘We’ve found that it’s far, far worse than what was first reported.’

What’s worse: Boycotting LGBTQ festivities, or raping your 14-year-old son? If you need time to think about it…

Atlanta cops REOPEN investigation into adoptive gay father accused of raping 14-year-old boy in 2011 – as he and his partner are jailed for sodomizing and pimping out their two young sons

Mysteriously wealthy Atlanta gay couple who were charged with sodomizing their adopted sons also ‘offered them up to local men and sent out videos of them raping the boys’

Content Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

Half a year after the shocking story made national news, Townhall is the only outlet following up on the criminal case in Georgia that has since seen zero headlines written about it.

Not only did the married men allegedly rape the two boys who were adopted through a Christian special-needs adoption agency, they were pimping out their children to nearby pedophiles in Atlanta-area suburbs, Townhall’s follow-up investigation discovered.

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