‘Attacks against Catholic churches approach 300 incidents since May 2020’

Attacks against Catholic churches approach 300 incidents since May 2020 …

Since May 2020, there have been nearly 300 attacks against U.S. Catholic churches as far afield as Emmonak, Alaska, with the most recent tally at 275 as of Sunday, according to a tracker from…

June 2020

Tucker: 15 FBI agents investigated Bubba Wallace NASCAR ‘noose hoax’ as nation burns

Tucker plays exclusive footage from FBI’s raid on Roger Stone’s home …

The video footage showed 29 FBI agents, armed in tactical gear, arriving at Stone’s home and banging on the front door until the barefoot 66-year-old came out with his hands above his head….

The FBI Seized the Hunter Biden Computer in December 2019 – Ignored the Crimes, Did Nothing and Gave the Biden Family a Complete Pass

Gaetz presses FBI cyber official on whereabouts of Hunter Biden laptop

Mar 29, 2022 Embarrassing moment FBI cyber chief admits to not knowing what the agency has done with Hunter Biden’s seized laptop – as Florida Republican Matt Gaetz whips out a copy of the hard drive…

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