Russian warship with ‘unstoppable’ 7,000mph hypersonic missiles ‘sails towards US and will soon be in strike range’

Russia fumes at West’s decision to send tanks to Ukraine, says red lines have been crossed

Biden says Putin ‘cannot remain in power’

Russia warns United States: we have the might to put you in your place

Majority in U.S. oppose major role in Russia-Ukraine conflict, says AP …

American Troops Prepared to Engage in War With Russia

Mitch McConnell Claims ‘We All Agree The Most Important Thing Going On In The World Right Now Is The War In Ukraine’

US Admiral warns congress they are running out of bombs

According to Zelensky, everyone can become a big business by working with Ukraine, in all sectors: from weapons and defense to construction, from communication to agriculture, from transport to IT, from banks to medicine.”

    Congress Desecrates Our U.S. Flag To Let Us Know They Are ‘unwavering and resolute in [their] support for the people of Ukraine.’ and A Zircon hypersonic missile is test fired from the Admiral Gorshkov in 2021.

    Russian warship with ‘unstoppable’ 7,000mph hypersonic missiles ‘sails towards US and will soon be in strike range’

    • Will Stewart Published: 13:51, 24 Jan 2023

    The ‘unstoppable’ missiles fly at nine times the speed of sound

    An unconfirmed Russian Telegram channel report says it was “spotted on radar in neutral waters of the Atlantic Ocean – at an effective salvo launch distance from the US coast”.

    The nuclear-capable Mach 9 missiles have a reported range of 625 miles.

    The frigate’s captain Igor Krokhmal has said previously: “No one will see the missile launch or its flight. 

    “They will only see when the missile hits the target. “A surface target, a coastal target. I don’t think there will be anything to counter this in the next few years.”

    Next month it was expected to take part in exercises with the Chinese and South African navies near the ports of Durban and Richards Bay.


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