‘Complete with ‘Black Power’ symbol’ The Miami Police unveiled a police cruiser decorated for Black History Month – “the design had the full approval of the [black police] union…”

‘This seems like a joke’: Miami mocked for unveiling African-themed police cruiser – complete with ‘Black Power’ symbol and African flags – to celebrate Black History Month

  • Miami police are slammed for designing an African-themed police car 
  • The police union created the car to ‘celebrate’ African ancestry
  • Spectators were in disbelief to see how the PD decided to honor the month

Miami mocked for Africa-themed police cruiser for Black History Month: ‘THIS CANNOT BE’

The city of Miami received mockery on Thursday after Mayor Francis Suarez unveiled a new police cruiser decorated with Africa-themed imagery to celebrate Black History Month. 

“This is a beautiful collaboration to commemorate Black history and Black History Month and the history of African Americans and our police department and our city,” Suarez said. “This is Black history.”

Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales was also in attendance for the unveiling. 

Florida-based reporter Joshua Caballos claimed that the mayor’s office was not involved with the cruiser’s design.

“I just spoke to Black police union (@mcpba1946) president Stanley Jean-Poix. He said Mayor Suarez’s office had nothing to do with the design of the car,” he wrote. “the design had the full approval of the union before it was unveiled. ‘It celebrates our African ancestry’ he said.”

However, not everyone was happy about the new police vehicle.


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Jan 27, 2023

Miami police get blowback over Black History Month cruiser

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