‘White Privilege’ Killing

Joe Biden: ‘…so many black Americans wake up knowing they could lose their life in the course of just living their life. Simply jogging, shopping, sleeping at home…’

Biden joins claims of ‘white privilege’

White America has to admit there’s still a systematic racism’ Biden …

Biden: Former Military, Police Fueling ‘Growth of White Supremacy’ Groups

Biden Claims America is Racist, It’s ‘A White Man’s Problem’

Joe Biden ‘absolutely’ believes systemic racism exists in law enforcement

Joe Biden: Cops don’t pull over white girls

Joe Biden Trashes ‘MAGA Agenda’ as ‘Extremism that Threatens Very Foundations of Our Republic

Joe Biden Says Republicans Will Put Black People Back In Chains

Moment father-of-two ER doctor, 58, is sent flying as Lexus-driving accountant, 39, smashes into his bike and then stabs him to death: Witnesses claim suspect shouted white privilege slurs 

  • Dr. Michael Mammone was struck by a car and then stabbed in Orange County
  • He had been cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway when he was mown down
  • Vanroy Evan Smith, 39, screamed ‘white privilege slurs’ before the fatal attack

The cyclist, later identified as Michael Mammone, 58, was hit from behind by a white Lexus on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Dana Point area on Wednesday. After the crash, the Lexus driver exited his car and assaulted Mammone with a knife. Witnesses said the suspect struck the cyclist and stabbed him at least once in the back. The Orange County Fire Authority responded to a call of a cyclist being hit by a car near Crown Valley Parkway and East Pacific Coast Highway at around 3 p.m. The suspect, later identified by authorities as Vanroy Evan Smith, 39, of Long Beach, was detained by bystanders and then taken into custody where he was booked on suspicion of murder. Pictured: Cyclist Michael Mammone and the scene of the accident

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