“Middle-Class” Joe “From Scranton” Repeats His Burger Joint Non-Compete Clause Lie For At Least The Third Time

“I know I’m always referred to as Middle-Class Joe,” Joe Biden

“Middle Class” Joe is a name Biden gave himself.

The 2016 election ended an unbroken 44-year career for Biden as a federal government employee.

“I’ve never been gainfully employed in my life.” “Middle Class Joe” Biden joked

Who Calls Joe Biden ‘Middle-Class Joe’? Joe Biden Does, That’s Who.

Joe Biden likes to say that other people call him “Middle-Class Joe,” but there is little evidence that anyone calls him that other than Joe Biden himself.

Biden’s False Claim About McDonald’s

July 24, 2020

During a virtual campaign event with members of the Service Employees International Union on July 22, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden falsely said that McDonald’s required its employees to sign noncompete contracts preventing them from going to work for other fast-food restaurants such as Burger King.

There is no evidence to support this. McDonald’s says that is not the case.

Biden, July 22: McDonald’s making billions of dollars, but here’s the deal they’ve made you all sign noncompete contracts that you cannot go across town to try to get a job at Burger King. And maybe, and I’m not saying you could, but you get 10 cents an hour more. People who are hourly workers are required to sign noncompete.

July 9, 2021

In his remarks during the signing, President Biden referenced a hypothetical non-compete between McDonald’s and Burger King, one that would disallow a McDonald’s worker from taking a job at a nearby Burger King. “Come on. Is there a trade secret about what’s inside that patty?” he asked. It’s not the first time Biden has referenced the two fast food giants in a speech geared toward workers. In a 2020 speech to union employees, Biden used the same example. However, it was later called out as false — McDonald’s had no such policy, the company said.

Source: https://www.foodandwine.com/news/restaurant-noncompete-clauses-biden-antitrust-executive-order

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