Video BIDEN, screaming: “Name me a world leader who would change places with Xi Jinping! NAME ME ONE! NAME ME ONE!”

‘Name me one’: Joe Biden explodes at Xi Jinping fumbling State of the Union address

Joe Biden started to yell angrily about Chinese President Xi Jinping at one point during his contentious State of the Union speech.

The New York Post’s editorial board said Biden’s speech “set new records for dishonesty and emptiness”, slamming the president for “offering lie after lie in a shameless bid to fool the electorate ahead of his 2024 run for re-election”.


Biden’s State of the Union set new records for dishonesty and emptiness

If Biden traded places with Xi Jinping, he would have the largest Navy, the largest economy by 2028, thousands of acres of farmland in the U.S., more ICMB launchers than the U.S., a record trade surplus of $382,917,000,000 with the U.S. and a very secure border and air space.

China Has World’s Largest Navy With 355 Ships and Counting, Says Pentagon

Chinese economy to overtake US ‘by 2028’ due to Covid

Video: China buying US farmland near military bases

China Has More ICBM Launchers Than U.S., American Military Reports

US-China goods trade hits record even as political split widens

Today (2/8/2023) – The annual goods-trade deficit with China widened 8 per cent to US$382.9 billion, the biggest on record after the US$419.4 billion shortfall in 2018. The deepening trade ties between the countries

$382,917,000,000: U.S. Trade Deficit With China Rises for Second …

China passes border security law amid ongoing tensions with India

Oct 24, 2021China has passed a law to strengthen border security that permits the use of blockades and “police apparatus and weapons” against those who cross its borders illegally.

Here’s How The Chinese Responded When A US Spy Plane Neared Chinese Air Space

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