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About The Total Population of Wyoming Or The City of Baltimore – WATCH: @BillFOXLA reports that the Arizona border has seen over 570,000 migrant encounters in fiscal year 2022, with the Yuma sector recording their highest total ever

Cops round up 23 of New York City’s ‘most dangerous’ gang members

Cops round up 23 of New York City’s ‘most dangerous’ gang members after stray bullet from street shoot-out killed innocent mom-of-two on way home from grocery shopping¬†

MSU Shooter Violated Existing Gun Laws Allowed To Plead To A Lesser Charge By George Soros Funded Democrat Prosecutor Biden Immediately Calls For More Gun Laws

How Did the Michigan State University Shooter Get a Gun? Blame Progressive Politics

MSU gunman’s uncle says he was ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ who should have been locked up over 2019 felony gun charge instead of being freed to kill three¬†

Despite not knowing what sort of weapon [was] used to terrorize the MSU campus, President Biden immediately used the tragedy to call for an assault weapons ban.

“Every American should exclaim “enough” and demand Congress take action,” Biden said. 

Anthony Dwayne McRae was arrested in 2019 on felony charges that he was carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

[The] George Soros-backed prosecutor allowed him to plead guilty to a lesser charge, one that kept him out of prison and allowed him to legally purchase another gun once his period of probation ended.

Michigan State Shootings: Enforce Existing Gun Laws. Please.

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